"From Generation To Generation" - Capital Fund Appeal

It is a pleasure to recommend Abundant Congregations, LLC as an outstanding capital fund raising company. We used Abundant Congregations, LLC to raise funds (over $1 million) to expand our facility. We interviewed others in the field but felt that Abundant Congregations would best fit our congregations need.

The programs were well designed and provided exactly what we needed. The program included advice and forms and aids that could easily be adapted to our needs, saving us time and money. We received many comments from our congregation that this was the most professional program that they had seen. Each part of the program was meshed with the others making it easy to understand by the congregation.
In addition, the program included the consultant meeting individually with each of the many project leaders early in the project, to be sure that they understood the part that they would play. It made everyone “buy into” the program and give their best efforts to make it succeed. The time line was set in consultation with the staff and the congregational leadership and everything went off as planned. I can’t say that it was easy, but knowing that we had a plan, a timeline and that everyone was on the same page made everyone complete their task as planned.

Even beyond our fundraising goals, we found that leading a congregation through a capital fund appeal created new relationships among members of the congregation, encouraged spiritual growth as we thought about the past and future of our church, identified new leaders, and created positive and focused energy toward the shared goals we identified. We enthusiastically recommend Abundant Congregations, LLC as a partner to your capital fund appeal.

Pastor Kendra Mohn

Trinity Fort Worth

Fort Worth, TX
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