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“I am delighted to highly recommend Abundant Congregations for any congregation or organization’sCapital Campaign!

Pr. Don and Pr. Cindy brought so many skills and attributes. Someof the most important ones were joy and gratitude in giving which loweredanxiety, training and materials for each team working on the campaign with allthe information needed to carry out their duties, great feedback and ideas inshaping our theme and vision… and lots of resources given to us with ourtheme and logo already on them. In addition, they were flexible and adaptablegiven our size and needs, …they did everything grounded in Scripture andtheology with prayer, and they were gracious with their time while knowing whento pull back and empower our leaders.

The biggest gain is that we set a huge goal for a congregation of200 members—$500,000—and we would have been happy with less than that. With Abundant Congregation’s leadership, ourpledges reached over $558,000! We stand amazed at what God can do and are sograteful for the expertise and gifts of Pr. Don and Pr. Cindy in helping openus to this possibility! Another great benefit of working with AbundantCongregations is the number of people who became actively involved in workingon teams for the Capital Campaign—hospitality, phone calls, lead gifts, worshipand spirituality, and so on. We were very excited by how many people receivedtraining and became involved in some way!

I cannot recommend Abundant Congregations highly enough. There are also lay leaders in thiscongregation who would be happy to personally talk with anyone considering Pr.Don and Pr. Cindy as stewardship consultants. Our experience is that God usesthem in powerful ways not only to increase resources for ministry, but to helpall of us become more excited about God’s vision and the joy of participatingin God’s great work of sharing love and justice in the world.

Pr. Linda Anderson-Little

St. Luke’s Lutheran Church

Richardson, TX
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